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S.S. Sharon Stone Upskirt Pictures

h1 Monday, August 31st, 2009

sharon stone upskirt sharon stone upskirt

Sharon Stone gave the paps a little up-skirtage while vacationing in Sardinia this week. Although I’m not sure if it technically qualifies as an “upskirt” since she’s the one doing it to herself. Not to mention that there’s bathing suit underneath. And she’s 51. And scratching her ass. By my calculations, that’s at least four cases for disqualification right there.

sharon stone upskirt 1sharon stone upskirt 2sharon stone upskirt 3sharon stone upskirt 4sharon stone upskirt 5

sharon stone upskirt 6sharon stone upskirt 7sharon stone upskirt 8sharon stone upskirt 9

PHOTO SOURCE: Bauer Griffin

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Guess Who Is Going To Be Working Down The Street From Us?

h1 Monday, August 31st, 2009

VIDEO: Jonas Brother Falls In Concert, Bunch Of Commenters Call It Gay

h1 Monday, August 31st, 2009

It’s not quite A+ caliber singer-falling, but it’s Joe Jonas jumping on a trampoline and not landing, and it’s online, so here it is:

Jonas Brothers jumping on trampolines and one of them falls — amusing for fans, otherwise who cares, right? Wrong. After just 300 views, the Youtube community is already abuzz with comments letting us know precisely how gay the video is (answer: very, apparently).

I realize this is hardly new for the internet, but every so often it just makes you wonder, who watches this video and just CANNOT RESIST taking the time to tell everyone how gay it is? The answer is, these people:


what teh gay?


epicly  gayy (+4)


amazing, just like cirque du soleil… only super faggoty… (+1)


what a bunch of f*cking losers (+3)

I’ll admit, though, this one made me laugh:


Look at me I can do a backflip, but need to be assisted by a trampoline.

Snap. (- Ed.)

FAAAAAAAAKE: Jim Breuer Flips Out During Pizza Hut Commercial

h1 Monday, August 31st, 2009

OMG U GUYS Jim Breuer was like sooooo mad during this Pizza Hut commercial shoot he totally pushed a dude in an effing pool!!!!! And it ended up on the INTERNET so embarrasssingLOL!!!!

To quote Michelle, the only thing faker than that Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust cheese is this video:

Quickies: I Dreamed a Dream

h1 Monday, August 31st, 2009


Lindsay Lohan goes with the “suck yo’ dick fo five dollah” look made so popular by meth whores in the early nineties. (UseMyComputer)

Ha ha — Joe Jonas eats it on his tramoline-stage at a concert. (WWTDD)

Miley Cyrus teaches girls how to suck. And I don’t just mean that euphemistically. (CelebJihad)

Chris Brown doesn’t remember beating Rihanna. Or where he got that gay-ass bow tie. (The Superficial)

See if you find Lady Gaga any less annoying in Spanish. (Glamzilla)

Hands-down, the best news I’ve heard all day — Beavis and Butthead are making a comeback! (Hollywood Rag)

Mischa Barton blames her crazies on a “perfect storm” of wisdom teeth and bullshit. (Holy Moly!)

AnnaLynne McCord in a sexy swimsuit! (Moe Jackson)

What Lisa Rinna must have looked like thirty years ago. (Dirty Rotten Whore)

Megan Fox talks about giving dudes blueballs. (WIMB)

101 ridiculously hot redheads! (COED Magazine)

More of Geri Haliwell and her nipples in a bikini. (Derek Hail)

Tyra Banks is engaged to John Utendahl! Yeah, I don’t know who that is, either. (Bricks and Stones)

Daryl Markham is the Susan Boyle of X Factor. (Right Celebrity)

Is it just me, or does Kourtney Kardashian look like Rosie O’Donnell in these pictures? (Scandalist)

Obama will get you high! (The Dirty)

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Twilight’s Bryce Dallas Howard Nude in Manderlay

h1 Thursday, August 6th, 2009

bryce dallas howard topless

Twilight fans were all up in arms this week after it was announced that the part of Victoria would no longer be played by Rachelle Lefevre in the third installment of the series, but instead by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. The reason for the unexpected recasting? Um, I can think of two. Possibly three. Her incandescent stage presence and and her natural sense of timing on camera. What did you think I was talking about? Pervert.

From the 2005 stinkbomb Manderlay (watch the video here):

bryce dallas howard nude 1bryce dallas howard nude 2bryce dallas howard nude 3bryce dallas howard nude 4bryce dallas howard nude 5bryce dallas howard nude 6bryce dallas howard nude 7bryce dallas howard nude 8bryce dallas howard nude 9bryce dallas howard nude 10bryce dallas howard nude 11bryce dallas howard nude 2

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