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S.S. Kate Beckinsale in Italian Vogue

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


One time this guy at the mall told me I looked just like Kate Beckinsale. It’s true, I do. Well, technically, it might not have been a guy who said it per se. It might have actually just been me. To myself. In a mirror. And then I might have made six-shooters with my index fingers and told myself, “You look like Trouble with a Capital T, hot stuff!” and did these little pew-pew-pews with the finger guns and blew on the barrels and winked at myself. Yep, some days it’s all I can do not to kill myself.

In last month’s Italian Vogue:



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While You Were Bearing With Us?

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Quickies: Golden Opportunity

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


Jodie Marsh lets her tits hang out while kissing a snake. (Hollywood Rag)

Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox are porking each other now. (Bricks and Stones)

Transformers hottie Isabel Lucas wet and in a bikini. (Egotastic)

Video of Joe Jackson attempts to hawk his record label during Michael Jackson’s memorial tribute. (The Blemish)

Kendra Wilkinson’s sexy cleavage-y photoshoot. (Dirty Rotten Whore)

Kellie Pickler and Kid Rock have been dating for over a year! Hope she likes Hepatitis C and Waffle House. (Right Celebrity)

More pictures of Lindsay Lohan looking like a bloated Ethiopian at her Vegas birthday party. (CelebNewsWire)

Kelly Brook in sexy lingerie. What more could you want? (Derek Hail)

The real reason behind Billy Mays’ death. (Celebrity Smack)

The first pictures of Cassie since her leaked topless photos hit the interwebs. (Bastardly)

Mariah Carey dressed as a dude again — this time, as a hotel doorman. (Socialite Life)

Anna Kournikova gets oral! (Hollywood Tuna)

Diane Keaton suffers a head injury while filming sumo wrestling scene! There’s so many things wrong with that statement. (Celebitchy)

Mischa Barton looks like complete ass. (Websters)

String together the last five minutes of 10 “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes and you’ve got yourself “My Sister’s Keeper.” (Pajiba)

Solange Knowles GIGANTIC camel toe. (Seriously? OMG)

Uh oh — someone forgot to retouch Madonna’s Max Factor photoshoot! (UseMyComputer)

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Megan Fox as a Cheerleader in “Jennifer’s Body” Pictures

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


The latest issue of Empire magazine has the first pictures of Megan Fox as a demon-possessed cheerleader in Diablo Cody’s new movie “Jennifer’s Body,” in which Megan has a lesbian love scene with co-star Amanda Seyfried. Also included? Obtuse attempts at cultural relevance and painfully scripted witticisms. “That ain’t no etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be un-did, homeskillet!” Ugh. Thank God for hot lesbian cheerleaders. Is there anything they can’t fix?


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Mariah Carey as a Man for Her New Video “Obsessed”

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

mariah carey as a man photos

Hey, MariahDonnie Wahlberg called. He wants to know why you made him look like such a faggot in your new video.

As an egomaniacal diva herself and a man in her new video “Obsessed”:

mariah carey as a man photos 1mariah carey as a man 2mariah carey as a man 3mariah carey as a man 4mariah carey as a man 5mariah carey as a man 6mariah carey as a man photos 16

mariah carey as a man photos 17mariah carey as a man 9mariah carey as a man photos 18mariah carey as a man 7mariah carey as a man 8

mariah carey as a man photos 11mariah carey as a man photos 12mariah carey as a man photos 13mariah carey as a man photos 14mariah carey as a man photos 15

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Quickies: Oral Fixation

h1 Wednesday, June 17th, 2009


Rihanna and Ciara both rocking the hooker dress. (Dirty Rotten Whore)

Tori Spelling bikini pictures because I hate you. (The Grumpiest)

And the only known antidote for Tori Spelling bikini pictures, Dita Von Teese’s boobs. (UseMyComputer)

See the lady who insists that Letterman will rape your children with his mouth! (Pajba)

Dirty cops try to break into Sarah Jessica Parker’s house. (The Blemish)

Miss Universe doing stuff in a bikini! (CelebSlam)

Britney Spears plans on getting married to Jason Trawick. Counting down to imminent divorce in 5, 4, 3, 2… (popbytes)

Kim Kardashian is responsible for getting Heidi Montag to pose for Playboy. Direct all hate mail to her. (Scandalist)

Usher’s divorce turns ugly! Not as ugly as his wife, but still ugly. (Hollywood Rag)

Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana’s nipples! (Bastardly)

See what Mariah Carey has done to herself with the magic of retouching on the cover of her new single. (Websters)

People Magazine’s hottest summer bachelors, starring Chace Crawford. (Seriously? OMG)

What is Kate “Jordan” Price doing with the naked man with the two inch nipples? (Holy Moly)

An equally sexy and provocative Calvin Klein ad starring a lingerie-clad Eva Mendes to steam up your hump day. (Socialite Life)

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