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h1 Friday, February 29th, 2008
Meet Cindy, an eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whose family has ingeniously taught how to balance things on her little dog face and little dog hands and feet. Cindy's owners claim the dog enters a "trance-like" state which, according to us, equally evokes both "real doggy pain" and "secret genius eyes" at the very same time -- a true skill! All kidding aside, the following quote, along with those cheerios, brought real human tears of emotion to our eyes: "She is not in the best of health with a weak heart and arthritis. Her legs are strengthened with steel implants." Keep that sentence in mind while staring at the following photo of little Cindy after the jump, where she auditions to be an out of work actress/Cheesecake Factory waitress:

Idol Update! Yes, It?s Still On?

h1 Friday, February 29th, 2008
From POPBYTES -- Sooooo, American Idol is still in it's top-whatever. Meaning, the uncomfortably-poor performances are done, and now we're voting off the karaoke singers. Check out these rejects, after the jump! four more idol hopefuls go home
good evening! it's been a super busy day which included a dentist appointment (ugh) and picking up my parents at the airport - they just got back from hawaii and will be spending a few days here in LA before heading back to NY! as soon as my mom got in the car she immediately had to know who was booted from american idol this evening - first jason yeager left who was the main guy i was hoping would go home - he was just way cheesy and awful! then alaina whitaker was given the boot - i think unfairly - that annoying girl kady malloy should have left yet ms. whitaker i think made a mistake by singing 'hopelessly devoted to you' - i do love 'grease' but if i never heard it again - i wouldn't miss it! out next was alexandrea lushington (great last name) who i really liked and was totally bummed about - i liked her whole peace out style! both girls out tonight looked visibly upset and with good reason - they should have stayed! the last one to go was robbie carrico - the whole wig scandal must have freaked people out - a confirmation of his suspected inauthenticity - he did have a certain rocker cuteness about him but i was spooked by the thought of him rockin' a wig too! i'm so glad tomorrow is friday - it's been a crazy week! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!


h1 Thursday, February 28th, 2008
  • OFFER: Lindsay Lohan might have a lucrative new career ahead of her... playing the reanimated albeit befreckled corpse of Marilyn Monroe. Hugh Hefner has asked Lindsay to appear in Playboy. And mother Dina Lohan has agreed to this, under one condition: That Lindsay appear totally ass-crack and full-frontal naked. Breeding! (Showbiz Spy)
  • FUN-ON SENTENCE: Finally, those Filipino Dancing Prisoners are getting the punishment they deserve... by doing a giant choreographed routine to Soulja Boy and MC Hammer. Take that, law breakers! (
  • WEBFIND: Sure, it might not really be that accurate, but "Song Tapper" is still a pretty fun little website. On a related note, anyone else remember that classic Married With Children episode involving the classic line (at least in my household) "Hmm Hmm Himmm"? Just want to gauge how highbrow/lowbrow you guys are... (SongTapper)
  • THE ONE TIME ROBIN WILLIAMS' PRESENCE CAN ACTUALLY BE A GOOD THING: When you are having technical difficulties. Seriously, his material on the Apple computers is priceless. (Wired)
  • FOR ALL YOU LA PEOPLE OUT THERE: MTV is giving you the opportunity to dance for a chance to be on television! Dancing! ON TV! It's all too much to handle. And all dancers are welcome! Even you ballroom types. Don't miss it. (Oh No They Didn't)

While You Were Having Nightmares About John Travolta?s Hair

h1 Monday, February 25th, 2008
  • Angelina Jolie showed off her baby bump, and this is news, demands Associated Press.
  • See what happens when Ryan Seacrest tries to make witty banter with Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney, then Gary Busey shows up out of nowhere looking to eat someone's soul.
  • Sean Penn was seen gallivanting about town last night with his new supermodel girlfriend Petra Nemcova, who we had no idea was into older dudes who just can't shut up about Bush.
  • Lindsay Lohan finally settled her lawsuit with the busboy she hit while driving back in '05. He received a hundred dollars, an HD-DVD copy of I Know Who Killed Me, and a personally written text message reading, "Sorry 4 hittin' U w/ my car. Waz waaaysted back then, LOL!"
  • And speaking of I Know Who Killed Me, Lohan helped the film bring home a staggering 8 Razzie Awards for all-around terribleness, tying the all-time record set by Showgirls.

Gabe and Jenny Do Internet Things

h1 Friday, February 22nd, 2008
From COMEDY CENTRAL INSIDER -- Gabe and Jenny of the NY and internet comedic land of awesomeness have a new Superdeluxe gig. Check out the first of many uncomfortably funny videos, after the jump! Doin' It With Gabe, Also Jenny Wacky comedy duo Gabe and Jenny have a new show on Superdeluxe, What's Doin' With Gabe and Jenny, which is hilarious, and will probably have cameos from every comedian who in 3 years will be SO FAMOUS. Check out their amazingly surreal, snappy, rotoscoped world:

Best Night Ever for Sunday, Febuary 10th!

h1 Monday, February 11th, 2008
Do you hear that? Oh yeah, that's the sound of Michael Cyril Creighton having his Best Night Ever! And Tina Turner singing "What's Love Got To Do With It"! Because tonights best moments come from The Grammys!! So hurry up and jam with these moments because a celebration this good has been waiting 50 years to rock your face off!