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h1 Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
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  • CUTEST COUPLE THAT MAKES US WANNA DIE: On the one hand, we are in love with Will Arnett, and on the other hand, we adore Amy Poehler. Then how come the fact that these two have found love with each other makes us insanely jealous? It's like, how come the world didn't explode when these two got married? Is God dead? Anyway, they're in a Gap ad together! (OK! Magazine)
  • SAY IT DON'T HAIR SPRAY IT: Bon Jovi admits to being a drug dealer when he was a teenager. Not really that shocking, since he's been dealing the drug of love and peddling his tiny little leather-clad ass for the past 25 years... the one thing we are truly addicted to. (Now Magazine)
  • BEST DWIGHT-O-LANTERN: It seems fitting that someone carved Dwight Schrute's gigantic head on a Pumpkin, no? (Pop Candy)
  • CLAIM: Tom Cruise says that he loves all of his children equally, whether it be his biological daughter Suri who he sees every day, or his adopted children so-and-so and whats-her-name, who he thinks live in Australia with Nicole but isn't really sure. (Female First)
  • SMACK TALKING: An ex-girlfriend of Bill Maher claims the following: "Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you're an idiot." Hold up, hold up... IS HE SINGLE?!?!? (NY Post)

AD WIZARDS: The Back-Scratcher 2007? Is The Definitive Invention Of Our Generation

h1 Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
Back in the olden days, some lonely person invented The Back-Scratcher Arm, which consisted of a long stick with a little fake hand at the end intended to allow one to relieve a hard-to-reach itch on their back, even if there was no one around to help them. Well today in the MySpace Generation, most Back-Scratching is done in the form of digital vanity photos of oneself that are posted on Internet sites like MySpace and Facebook. So some Urban Outfitters Super-Genius (via Lindsayism) has updated this classic invention, replacing the miniature fake hand with a digital camera mount, finally allowing you to take those ridiculous high-angle emo self-portraits without 3/4 of the frame being taken up by your out-of-focus camera-holding arm! For the low, low price of $30, you can take the high-quality flattering pictures of yourself you need to finally make some friends online. Who knows, pretty soon you might have friends of your own in real life - and maybe they'll even be able to take pictures of you that do not require the assistance of a robo-arm!

Ain?t No Party Like a BWE Halloween Party!

h1 Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
This past weekend, the staff here at Best Week Ever got together to celebrate some fun Halloween times together. And because all of you are clearly dying to know what we were for Halloween, here are some pictures! Let us know what you're dressing up as in the comments.
A few days before Halloween, I asked Alex Blagg what he was planning on dressing up as. One suggestion I made, going as Robert Ghoul-et, seems terribly inappropriate today, but at the time this was a serious option. Then, the night of the party, Mr. "I-Have-No-Costume-Ideas!" arrives dressed as a Youtube video: Foam TV on the head and white t-shirt with nasty comments scrawled on it. He swears he just created the costume that day, but as my expression reflects, clearly he's had this costume locked up in a lucite case since June. I'll explain my hands later...
Here are two of our video producers, Raphael Rodriguez and Rohit Sang, getting cozy. Raph and his girlfriend dressed as "November Rain" (better pics after the cut), and Rohit earned the "Genius Costume of the Night" award, dressing up as Kanye EAST. (He's Indian.) The moustache was much less crooked 14 drinks ago. Check out the rest of the pics after the jump!!
Dan Hopper swears that his costume was not what everyone assumed it to be... "A Gay Yankee Fan." Instead, he insists he was "Sexy Lou Gehrig." His unnaturally flamboyant post is not helping his case at all.
Myself, Raph and Ro "Blue Steeling" it up for the cams. Originally, I had a great costume put together: I bought a classy blonde wig, literally called "The High Society" (almost like a fancy prostitute!), and was planning on wearing a black top and this beautiful long ball gown skirt my mother bought me "to wear on New Year's." Little does my mother know that the White House rang in 1955's New Year many moons ago, meaning that I really had no occasion to wear this classy skirt... other than Halloween! In addition, I bought a glittered microphone, and the kicker, a paid of "Dementor Hands", huge green rubber demon hands that caused quite a LOLocaust at work. I was to call this costume "Barbara Dryhands", and ask my friends "if they had any lotion." Then I actually tried the wig on, only to realize that not only didn't I look like Barbara Streisand, I in fact looked like a maniac tranny hooker who murders and eats her prey for dinner. Not a bad costume, but not the intended look. So I ditched the wig and microphone, kept the skirt and the hands, hyper-straightened my hair, and went as the "Upper Beast Side." And that girl behind us in the helmet? Dressed up like a contestant from "Legends of the Hidden Temple." Next year, I'm going as Olmec.
The great thing about my huge green hands was 1. I was still able to do all the things you normal handed folks do, like hold drinks and get drunk; and 2. They made me look positively tiny in comparison! Axl concurs.
Here's another co-worker Norman and his boyfriend Keith. They didn't in fact dress up as the Pirates of the Caribbean, as I guessed, rather Milli Vanilli! Norman, sadly, played the dead one. :( They look quite dapper, no?
Here is Shea and Raph dressed as "November Rain". Shea actually bought a wedding dress and spent all day cutting and stitching the front, so as to resemble Stephanie Seymour's version in the music video. It also help that Shea looks like Stephanie Seymour.
BWE Alex 1.JPG
The best part about Blagg's costume? No peripheral vision! Making fake-out shoulder tappings especially satisfying.
By the end of the night, most of us were actually seeing things in black and white. Alls I know is i woke up on Sunday sleeping on the West Side Highway with half a hot dog laying in my huge demon hand. A success for all! OK, your turn: Try to impress us with your genius costumes in the comments!

The 10 Worst Morning Show Halloween Costumes

h1 Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
Morning show hosts dressing up in Halloween costumes on Oct 31 is an annual tradition right up there with throwing away circus peanuts and empty "please take one" candy bowls. In case you don't own multiple Tivos, here's our rundown of the best of the worst costumes from Halloween Morning 2007:
10. Martha Stewart (Martha) Intended Costume: Ancient Greek Actual Costume: MILF from 80s Metal video
Whoopi Goldberg
9. Whoopi Goldberg (The View) Intended Costume: Cab Calloway Actual Costume: Minstrel Show Einstein
Viera and Lauer
8. Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer (Today) Intended Costume: Lily and Herman Munster Actual Costume: Grown-Up Rogue and "cool" High-School Science Teacher attending Burning Man
Regis Philbin
7. Regis Philbin (Live with Regis & Kelly) Intended Costume: David Beckham Actual Costume: Healthy David Beckham
Mike and Juliet
6. Mike and Juliet (Morning Show with Mike and Juliet) Intended Costume: Geraldo Rivera and French Maid Actual Costume: Geraldo Rivera’s American Beauty-esque dream sequence involving his current intern
Barbara Walters
5. Barbara Walters (The View) Intended Costume: 40s Showgirl Actual Costume: Cruella DeVille in "100X Dalmations," the Extreme live-action sequel
Drew Carey
4. Drew Carey (Price is Right) Intended Costume: Vampire Actual Costume: Vampire...
Joy Behar
3. Joy Behar (The View) Intended Costume: Minnie the Moocher Actual Costume: Andrea Bocelli
Kelly Ripa
2. Kelly Ripa (Live with Regis and Kelly) Intended Costume: Paul Shaffer Actual Costume: "Alien 3" Piano Prodigy
iVillage Live
1. iVillage Live Cast (iVillage Live) Intended Costume: Imprisoned Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil, and Ellen with dog Actual Costume: Impossible train wreck of a show that challenges all preconceptions you may have about what technically constitutes an actual television program made by actual human beings. Wearing costumes.

Quickies: Under Siege

h1 Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Ashlee Simpson’s 23rd birthday party is almost as gay as her boyfriend. (MollyGood)

Sienna Miller’s hippie nipple slip. (Drunken Stepfather)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are one… literally. (CityRag)

Kiefer Sutherland exacts his revenge for that DUI arrest on his fans. (Defamer)

Nicole Richie’s extreme closeup. (Totally Crap)

If you ever thought Star Wars was missing a dance track… (timekiller)

All the Steven Seagal you can stuff into 24 hours. (Crave Online)

I guess Josh Duhamel’s bestiality fetish explains his attraction to Fergie. (CelebNewsWire)

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UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK: Mike & Juliet Confuse Ed Helms With Paris Hilton

h1 Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
Mike & Juliet is my absolute favorite morning show, mostly because Mike always reminds me of what Fred Willard would probably look like playing a talk show host, which is "totally hilarious". Take this interview with comedian Ed Helms from The Office and The Daily Show for example, wherein Mike - who clearly only gets his news from OK! Magazine - wonders why he hasn't seen much of Ed on the TMZ. Awkward hilarity ensues.