Sofia Vergara Was Ready to Have Joe Manganiello’s Baby, Like, Yesterday + More A.M. News

h1 May 19th, 2015

Sofia Vergara is ready for more babies, Tom Hanks is up on his technology, Miguel strips down, and more news.

Kim Kardashian Asks Bruce Jenner About Sex with Her Mom Then Gives His Closet a Makeover

h1 May 18th, 2015

Kim Kardashian pushed Bruce Jenner by asking him questions about his sex life with Kris Jenner, then visited his Malibu home to give his closet a makeover.

Why Is Chris Pratt Scared to Run into Kim Kardashian?

h1 May 18th, 2015

Chris Pratt tells GQ his experience meeting Kim Kardashian on a 2009 movie and the NSFW joke about her he made on Parks and Recreation that he still regrets.

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Are Having a Baby

h1 May 18th, 2015

‘The OC’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ stars are expecting their first child together.

The Woman Behind the Kardashian Family’s Favorite Waist Trainers Says It Won’t Crush Your Ribs

h1 May 18th, 2015

PreMadonna explains how she started a business from her Florida home, and how she got her waist trainers into the hands of Kim Kardashian.

Is Bruce Jenner Ready to Fully Transition into a Woman?

h1 May 18th, 2015

E!’s ‘About Bruce’ special saw Bruce try on high heels, show off painted toe nails, talk makeup with Kim, and explain how much he hid he desire to transition for so many years.